Classes are $10 drop in. Cash, debit/credit, and paypal accepted.

Class Times

Monday: 6PM Gentle Yoga with Mandy


Wednesday: 9:30 AM Yoga Basics with Jillian (Beginning October 2, 2019)

Thursday: 6PM Yoga Flow with Jillian

Friday: 9:30 AM Yoga Basics with Jillian

6:00 PM Friday Fun! A different theme each week! (Beginning sometime soon!)

Saturday: Kids Yoga series coming soon! Message if interested!


Class Descriptions

Gentle Yoga: This is an all levels class with instruction focused toward beginner level students. An accessible sequence of poses focused on calming the mind and body.  A Hatha Yoga class which includes centering, warm up, asana (yoga postures) and pranayama (yogic breathing) geared to moving students toward Savasana (relaxation).  Includes standing and ground/floor postures. Your mind and nervous system need this class! You won’t be disappointed!

Yoga Flow: This is an all levels class, but geared toward those who are looking to move and perhaps sweat. Focus is on breath and movement. Expect asana, pranayama, and some meditation. Standing and ground/ floor postures. Fun times! We love this class!

Yoga Basics: This is an all levels class with a strong focus on alignment. Focus is on breath and basic movement with use of props. Expect both simple and somewhat challenging asana poses, breathing, and some meditation. Great music and mildly challenging! An awesome way to start or end the day!

Yin Yoga: Highly meditative class designed to calm and regulate the nervous system. Poses are held for several minutes using props. Try this class! It is amazing!

What People Say

I love going to Jillian’s yoga classes! I feel completely relaxed after a hard day of work. I’m more flexible too. Jillian always knows the right modifications to give me if I need them.

Jillian knows her craft and continues to develop her authenticity in a yogic way of life. She truly invokes an immersive, trans-formative, and cathartic experience for her students at class with her knowledge of movement, energy, and music.

I really love yoga with Jillian! She is absolutely one of the best County yoga instructors and at a reasonable affordable price!

Let’s build something together.

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